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IP info

Updates for geolocation IP databases

We get updates from DB-IP and IP2Location at the beginning of every month, and once per 1-2 weeks from IPGeolocation, IPInfo.io and MaxMind GeoIP.

Data correction

DB-IP - https://db-ip.com/ (example) and click "report wrong data"
IPGeolocation - https://ipgeolocation.io/contact.html
IP2Location - https://www.ip2location.com/contact
MaxMind's GeoIP - https://www.maxmind.com/en/geoip-data-correction-request
IPInfo.io - https://ipinfo.io/corrections

What is the geolocation IP database used for the information at the top of the website?


Checking hosts

"0/4" for "Ping" check

0/4 means that all of 4 ICMP packets are lost. Usually it means that the server is down or ICMP packets are blocked by a firewall on the server's side.

Incorrect result of UDP ports checking

It's correct. If there is no UDP answer from a server it shows "Open or filtered". If there is an answer that UDP port is unreachable it shows "Connection refused".

Check nodes

A list of check-host nodes

https://check-host.net/nodes/hosts or https://check-host.net/nodes/ips

Sponsor a check node

If you want to be a sponsor and provide a server please contact us. Server requirements: KVM/Xen/VmWare/HyperVM/OpenVZ, Debian 12/11/10, IPv4 + IPv6 (if you have), >=256MB RAM, >=5GB HDD, >=100GB bandwidth.


Is API available?

It's available for check requests. "IP info" API is not available at this time.



Please contact us. We do not place advertisement of IP-stressers, booters and etc.