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Live server terminal

uk ru

Full-featured server with enabled network and no limits, accessible over web. Linux or Windows. 15 minutes session. Use it for any purposes:

  • Ports checking (telnet, nmap)
  • Website and API testing (curl, http)
  • Network issues determination (ping, mtr, traceroute)
  • DNS and domain checking (dig, nslookup, whois)
  • Mail server troubleshooting
  • Docker images testing

Terminal shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+A - move to beginning of line
  • Ctrl+E - move to end of line
  • Ctrl+B - move backward one character
  • Ctrl+F - move forward one character
  • Ctrl+P - move to previous command
  • Ctrl+N - move to next command
  • Ctrl+L - clear screen
  • Ctrl+K - delete text to end of line
  • Ctrl+C - kill currently executing command
  • Ctrl+H - delete one character before
  • Alt+F - move forward one word
  • Alt+B - move backward one word